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    Can you get a working holiday visa easily for America?

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    Looking for Employment in USA ? What about Camp America instead?

    If you have always dreamed of finding work in America - Camp America Summer Camp Program might be something for you to consider.

    Working in the USA is not something just anyone can do from New Zealand. Unlike Australia, to work in USA you need a Green Card or a legal work and travel visa.

    Camp America is something different - it is a cultural exchange at a kids summer camp for 9-12 weeks. There is no actual working visa for America like the working holiday visa available in the UK and Canada. So - what's a Cultural Exchange I hear you ask?

    A Cultural exchange means you'll learn something about your destination country, and at the same time, you'll also share something about your country with the people you meet. There are summer camps for just about every interest, and you know what the best thing is? Camp America is a legal sponsor for the J-1 Camp Counsellor visa so we can sponsor your visa for your time at camp in America.

    Kids aged 5-16 attend summer camp all over the states and camps look for people to teach kids a skill, and to look after a cabin of kids at camp. You get your food and accommodation provided plus some pocket money and some assistance with your flights to America.

    We find you a placement that suits you, and then sponsor your visa. On top of that you get 30 days grace period on your visa to travel around the United States after your summer camp placement has ended.

    So if you're looking for employment in the USA, unless you have a Green Card you'll need to think about a cultural exchange or an internship in America. Neither pay what a normal career job pays, but you'll be rewarded in so many other ways! The kids at camp will learn so many new skills from you, and you'll meet some amazing new friends.

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