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  1. How To Apply

How To Apply For Camp America


Online application instructions (step by step) below

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Here's a quick video overview first..


What's the process for applying for Camp America?

Glad you asked... ok - we've laid out the Camp America Application Process here for you.

  • Click on - you will be prompted to complete a brief registration. This is our UK Head Office application centre where your application will end up before the camps see it. You may need to tell your computer to Trust the Security Certificate for this site as it it a secure server.
  • Log In and complete the Application For Interview. You can log out at anytime and the information will be saved. Just complete the form and then SUBMIT it when you are ready.This site is called
  • From there you Choose a Local Interviewer and can log on at any time to see what tasks you have outstanding.
  • You must pay your application fee online (it is a secure site) - this is refunded if you do not pass your interview or we do not find you a job by June 30, the season of departure.
  • After your interview you can log in at any time and see what the current real time status of your application is.
  • Check out the What happens next page to see where you are in the application/placement process
  • Any questions/Need help - Contact Us

Other forms

We have additional forms available for printing on our Official Download page. These include the Police Check form, and Own Transport Agreement.


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 Camp America Testimonial

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Camp America



Camp America NZ

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"Oh my god I have never had soo much fun in my life. Camp has been an awesome experience and one that will last a lifetime." - Amelia S. Camp Whittle CA

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Contact Details

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Camp America:
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23 Edwin Street,
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