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  1. What You Pay

What You Pay to go to Camp America

We advise most participants to save about $3800 to cover flights, fees, visa, and a little spending money - but here's the breakdown...


Application payment 

Paid at the time of your online application along with the Acceptance Fee. Payment of this deposit indicates a commitment to the Camp America programme. If you are not accepted for an interview, or fail your interview - we refund these fees back to you. You can pay Online securely with a creditcard, or defer your payment till your interview and take along a Bank Cheque made payable to Camp America.

Application review

When your interviewer receives your Application for Interview they check it, and approve you for an interview (or return it to you for changes online) and arrange an interview with you. After your interview, you will need to fill in some more forms online relevant to the type of counsellor you want to be, and adding more detail to your skills. When this is completed your application form is instantly reviewed in the UK and is then uploaded to our American office to be considered by the Camp Directors. 

This process is costly to Camp America and we like to know that you are serious about the programme before we work hard to find you a great job. After your interview, no fees are refundable unless you have a serious medical condition. However - if we don't find you a job by the end of June or you are not accepted by Camp America (before or after interview) - all your fees will be refunded. If you simply change your mind then your application fee is not refundable so please be sure about applying before you go ahead. 


Medical Insurance & Visa Sponsor

Once you have confirmed your acceptance of a placement, you will be required to pay this. This covers all the work that the US/UK and NZ Office do for you to get you placed, sponsor your visa, and provides you with 5 months U.S. Medical insurance as well as 5 months of Team Assist - personal assistant if you lose your passport or documents while in USA. 

You cannot work in a camp unless we sponsor your visa - and it takes a lot of paperwork from Camp America to the US Authorities. Your payments will all be forfeited if you drop out or cancel from the programme for anything other than medical emergency (see Terms and Conditions).

J-1 Visa application fee

The U.S. Consulates charge this fee for processing your visa application. This is payable direct to the embassy (via NZ Post) and is subject to change by the Auckland US Consulate at any time. Please check here for up to date costs - subject to change according to exchange rates. 

All applicants for a J-1 Visa must have a personal interview at the Auckland US Consulate Office. This may mean you will need to travel to Auckland before you fly out to obtain your visa. The cost of this is not covered by the US Consulate or the visa application fee. See visas for more information.

There is an additional SEVIS fee charged with this visa - of $35US but we prepay that for you.


Fees Table 2017 Season for Camp America First Time Participants & Returning Staff

What You Pay Camp America

If currencies fluctuate extremely after Feb 1st we may have to increase the fees but we will give a couple of weeks notice of any increases beyond the above. 

Airfares To Camp America

You need to pay for your flights to and from camp unless you decide not to be an Own Traveller. See Travel Options. Our Travel Department (your Camp America Own Transport Providers) will search the planet for the best deals and give you the options (and the teeny tiny fine print alot of 'great deal' flights have attached to them) - then you can choose which deal you want. 

This is at no extra cost to you. You can layby these ahead of time too with our Travel Department.

Other costs

You will also need to budget for the following - just so you know:

  • Travel to Auckland if you don't live there, for your visa interview at the US Consulate, and any costs related to that visit.
  • Spending money for your trip - this would include going out on your days/nights off and travel after camp as well as shopping if you are into that.
  • Costs to have your Medical Form completed at the Dr.
  • If you lose your DS2019 or don't check your details are 'as per your passport' a DS2019 re-issue fee will be charged - $55 NZ.
  • Optional Baggage/Travel Insurance - Time at camp plus 30 day grace period $233


A summer camp job in the USA is waiting for you!



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