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Camp Chipinaw in New York State is one of the finest traditional camps in the United States. Chipinaw and Silver Lake are neighboring camps located deep in the heart of New York's beautiful Catskill Mountains. Our camps are situated on over 300 acres, including the magnificent 96-acre Silver Lake.

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Private Co-Ed

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New York State



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18th June

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20 Y/O*

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Renee Molina

*(Will interview younger with proven skills & or certification is specialist positions)


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Staff Qualities


We teach our campers over 60 different specialist activities. We are looking for staff with great experience and skills on one or two specialised areas that our campers will expand their skill and knowledge in with your specialised teaching skills. You will be teaching one activity all summer long so we are looking for those that can excel at camp.


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Here's a list of all the Counsellor Roles this camp is specifically looking to hire at the fair!

  • Male Lifeguards x 10
  • Female Lifeguards x 4
  • Water Ski / Wake Boarding x 3
  • Ski Boat Driver (21+) x 3
  • Ropes Male x 2
  • Ropes female x 1
  • Atv x 3
  • Gymnastics - Apparatus x 3
  • Magic x 2
  • Black & White Photography x1
  • Digital Projects x2
  • Wood Work x 2
  • Silkscreen x 2
  • Stained Glass x2
  • Leather Crafts x2
  • Metal Smithing x2
  • Frisbee Golf x1
  • Golf x 2
  • Hip Hop Dance x2
  • Set Painting x2
  • Set Construction x2
  • Audio Engineer / Tech x2
  • Lighting Tech x2
  • Circus x1
  • Guitar Player / Singer x1
  • Fishing x1
  • Badminton x1
  • Fencing x2
  • Volleyball x2
  • Spinning x2
  • Sailing x2
  • Digital Video x3
  • Digital Photo x2
  • Coding / Web Design x2
  • Robotics x1
  • Archery x2
  • Yoga x2
  • Horseback Riding x3
  • Skateboarding x1

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