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Returning Staff

This page is just for those of you who have 'been there, done that' and 'want to do it all again!'.

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We know you get addicted so the good news is:

  • You are free to negotiate your own pay (including any Own Transport money) with your camp - please check your contract does not include any Agency Fees.
  • you don't have to fill out a long form online - just a short one! That's unless you are not going back to the same camp.
  • You get your very own Travel Guru for booking your flights back to camp - guaranteed to find you the best deal.
  • Returners from 2016 have to go to the Consulate to get their visa for returning. Sorry everyone - not our rules. 


Here is a step by step process for you.


Costs to return to camp again with Camp America for 2020

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NB: Returner Fees may be increased effective 1st March 2020 so submit your application today to SAVE!

*Fee includes SEVIS and Medical Insurance for the time of your visa.

Please note if you are not returning to same camp you must attend another Interview.

Applications open in July

  1. Apply online for Camp America. It's really fast!
  2. You can apply to return to camp with us if you have been to camp with any other program as well.
  3. Register online (or simply re-login) if it's been more than a few seasons then you will receive an email with your username and how to set your password so be sure your email account you registered with can accept all mail outside your address book.
  4. Otherwise use last years login.
  5. Complete the relevant form online. If you go back to the same camp the form is only small and you will not need an interview.
  6. Pay online by creditcard using our secure online payments page.
  7. Download the Police Check application form. Yes you need a new one of these.
  8. If it has been more than one season since you were at camp, you will need to get a recent reference from someone that has known you in a professional capacity for at least 6 months.
  9. You also need written (or an email) confirmation from your camp that they will employ you this season. That's it !

We have a fabulous Early Bird Discount for you

  • See What You Pay for details (Returners line)
  • Please pay all these online and do not defer any of your payments or you will miss out on your special deal. Your application must be completed (including a portrait photo) and submitted and your application fee paid online by the listed cut off date to qualify for the discounted fees.
  • Your camp won't be charged an agency fee for you to return

What are the fees?

Application payment

Paid at the time of your online application. Payment of this deposit indicates a commitment to the Camp America programme.

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Medical Insurance & Visa Sponsor Admin Fee

Once you have confirmed your acceptance of your placement, you will be required to pay online. This covers all the work that the US/UK and NZ Office do for you to sponsor your visa and provides you with U.S. Medical insurance as well as Team Assist - personal assistant if you lose your passport or documents while in USA. You cannot work in a camp unless we sponsor your visa - and it takes a lot of paperwork from Camp America to the US Authorities. Your payments will all be forfeited if you drop out or cancel from the program for anything other than medical emergency (see terms and conditions).

J-1 Visa application fee

The U.S. Consulates charge this fee for processing your visa application. This is payable direct to the embassy (via NZ Post) and is subject to change by the Auckland US Consulate at any time. Check the US Consulate website for the current fee.  See visas for more information.

There is an additional SEVIS fee charged with this visa - of $35US but we prepay that for you.


  • You need to pay for your flights to and from camp unless you decide not to be an Own Traveller. See Travel Options 

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Other costs

You will need to budget for the following;

  • Travel to Auckland if you don't live there, for your visa interview at the US Consulate, and any costs related to that visit.
  • MRV Fee for your J1 Visa
  • Spending money for your trip - this would include going out on your days/nights off and travel after camp as well as shopping if you are into that.
  • Applications will only be accepted before May 1st from returned counsellors with confirmed placements. So don't miss out!

Pocket money for returners

You are free to accept or negotiate your own rate of pay with your camp after your first year - please ensure when you read your contract from your camp it does not include any agency fees or you may find yourself short paid come August/Sept. Camp America however does not charge camps any fees to place you back at the same camp.

Special Offer - Au Pair in America Sister Program

Spend a year in USA with Au Pair in America - our sister programme.  Since you've been to camp you've now got the childcare experience to apply for this.
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Earn income at home working for Camp America.

If you would like to be a Camp America Interviewer and think you have what it takes email us for an application form (if we have vacancies in your area). If you do enough interviews you can get a discount on your application fees and you get paid!


Contact Details

+64 9 666 0192

Camp America:
Unit 8, 10 Loft Place
Auckland 0810, New Zealand

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