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Own Transport Travel Options

Travel Options

Own Travel Arrangements To Camp America

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Own Transport Equals IWH Travel!


  • If you choose Own Transport (OT) we will organise your flights for you, and you don't need to pay any extra for that - you just pay for your tickets (great discounts too) & we organise it. 
  • IWH Travel are your Own Transport Specialists. Dale will sort you out.  She's a Camp expert.
  • You can use this service even if you are not returning to NZ after camp and going on to see the rest of the world
  • Because you are an "Own Transport" Traveller you receive an additional $500US towards your flights including in the pocket money rates - see What you GetAs a Kiwi you are OT by default unless you advise us otherwise. 
  • Camp America IWH Travel Flights qualify you as own Transport which means you'll receive $500US Own Transport $$ in your pocket money at end of camp.
  • IWH Travel will arrange for you and any other Camp Travellers on same flight to sit together. 
  • If you're going to the same camp you'll be booked on the same flight where possible
  • This is a free service which you get with Camp America & there is no service fee charged for having a travel agent on your side should you run into any unforeseen travel issues. (hopefully not!)
  • We’ll work with you until we find the flights you’re happy with - whether that means the cheapest ones (which may mean longer layovers for you) otherwise the most direct ones with the airline of your choice.

The pocket money listed includes this $500US, but if you choose to be non -OT and take the free flight from London instead, like UK counselors,  your pocket money listed will be reduced by the $500 OT amount.

Download your Special Deals Booklet now

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Wow you guys are amazing! Everyone's been saying that you guys are the best to go through. Jonny


We know what to expect - we do this every year - we have seen every problem under the sun. 

Book your flights through IWH Travel and you'll get there hassle free. And we'll save you money now and in the future!

We'll know if you have your visa or not before you get on the plane (yes we had one counsellor get on a non IWH Travel flight plane without one - he was sent home) so we'll be in the loop about your travel plans so that won't happen to you!

  • yes you can do it all online - no need to leave your chair. 

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I know I've said it a million times already but i just wanted to say again thanks so much for helping out with all my travel arrangements, for always dealing to my requests so quickly and being so nice about it... 

Don't want to be Own Transport traveler?  

...then check out Camp America's London-USA Flight Option

Camp America operates return flights from London to the USA throughout the month of May and June. These flights are for European participants (non-own transport participants) but the flights are also available to participants from other countries. However, your pocket money will be reduced by US$500 to offset flight costs. 

Participants taking the flight receive the same overnight accommodation in New York, orientation session plus discounted travel to camp, (there will be a charge to cover European Airport security taxes and fuel surcharges only). You must make your own way to New York for your return flight to London after camp though. See the UK Office Terms and Conditions 

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