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Work or Explore the UK & Europe after Camp America

Work and Travel the UK & Europe after Camp America

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If you intend on working in the UK with a 2 year YMS Visa after Camp America - then you’ll need some help getting it sorted - we are able to back date your YMS visa so you can get these organised before your J1 visa which you need for Camp America.

Otherwise if you hold a UK passport, then you’ll still be able to take advantage of our arrival assistance and job packages.


The UK YMS Visa service (on it’s own it is NZ$585) is where you have your own UK Visa consultant looking after your Visa application to make sure you don’t get failed! 
  • Plus they can backdate it by 6 months meaning that we can sort it here before you go to camp. 
  • Please allow 2 weeks for us to work with you to get your documentation ready for your biometrics appointment. 
  • You’ll also have an arrival orientation with this option too.  
  • Processing time is 7-20 working days depending on what option you choose.

Job Package (London)

International Working Holidays 650w-UK Options.png

With this option - you are set up in London with our hub who will sort you out with work. You can apply for as many or as little hours as you want & it’s super easy to take time off to explore Europe and come back to it. 

The hospitality option is the most popular as they will set you up with work at events, festivals, bars, music concerts etc. Training is provided. 

Otherwise if you are experienced in other areas, you’ll be able to apply for those options. 
This is NZ$645 on it’s own.

High Commission Promo Work

International Working Holidays High Commission Jobs after Camp America.png

Obviously commission based work so it’s a bit daunting unless you’re super confident in your sales ability, but really social & you’re able to move around the different locations which is awesome. Plus your first 2 weeks accommodation is free & after that it’s pretty cheap! (I’m too much of a wuss for this but I have a good friend who’s made a killing with this job, but he’s one of those annoyingly great sales people). 

If you want both the job package or High Commission promo + visa service - you can select the job package and YMS Visa add on (as you get $50 off when you get both).

UK Live in Pub Jobs 

International Working Holidays UK Pub Job after Camp.png

We organise you a job to arrive to so that you'll be able to land, collect your visa, then head to your job and new home for the next little while. 

  • You need to have had at least 6 months of hospitality experience to get in for this. 
  • Commit to 6-8 months full-time work. 
  • Accommodation is usually very cheap & meals are often included. 
  • Outside of London in hotels mainly 

This is NZ$699 to sign up for.

Nannies Abroad

International Working Holidays Nanny UK.png


  • All positions are live-in as a Nanny or Au Pair in the UK & Europe. 
  • It's a great way to save money as all your living costs are covered. 
  • Not only that but you get to live in much nicer areas/houses than if you were flatting. 
  • Cost is $200 plus the visa and flights. We also have jobs in China, Canada & Australia! 

Check out our sister website Nannies Abroad: ​



International Working Holidays Travel after Camp America.png

If you are heading to Europe straight after Camp America - chances are that you’ll be there in time for Oktoberfest!!!!

Find out if you’ll be in Europe in time for any of these other festivals or party tours here:  Our Camp America applicants will be able to benefit from our IWH travel discounts. 

Email Dale the Travel Guru if you’d like more information on any travel options for Europe or the UK. She'll sort you out!


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