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Why Volunteer for a Summer in the USA with Camp America?

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Volunteer work in the USA can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do from New Zealand as far as an O.E. or overseas experience goes.

With Camp America you will get to work with children aged 5-16 years old and have the chance to teach them new skills and help them grown in confidence in all areas. You'll be a role model for them and in some cases - the only role models they get can be at summer camp.

You get to spend the summer (well actually the New Zealand Winter) from May/June for 9-12 weeks in a role as a camp counsellor. You get some pocket money so really it's not all you get your food and accommodation paid for at camp during your placement.

You also get assistance towards your flights which is pretty cool. 

Employers love to see you've taken some time to give back - and volunteering with Camp America is the perfect way to show you have - and in all honesty can look better in your CV than some qualifications. This is actual work experience and you'll learn invaluable life lessons along the way - that employers look for when hiring staff.

You can apply anytime from August till April and we help you through the process online, as well as after placement with your visa - which we sponsor. So we've got you covered!

Apply now for Camp America.


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