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About Camp America

Camp is one of those experiences you will remember for the rest of your life!

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There are over 12,000 camps and Camp America has checked out and approved about 1200 of them. These camps are deemed safe and secure for you to work at. If you find your own placement you must be sure that Camp America has approved the camp before we can accept your application just in case it's the camp from hell and you don't know it yet!  We're here to make sure your camp and your camp experience is the best it can be. Ask our returned counsellors - they all say that their camp is the best in the whole of USA.

"I'm having a blast here at Camp Menominee and I just wanted to thank everyone from Camp America that helped me. I made it to camp fine, met some new people that are really great.


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Kiwis are extremely popular and sought after by Camps. Kiwis often have grown-up around water and know how to swim, water-ski, sail, and jet-ski, not to mention all that tramping and camping we do as we grow up. It's part of our culture and it comes naturally to a lot of us - so we don't think twice about doing it at camp! We'll often muck in where other cultures will hesitate. That's the reason most of our counselors are asked to return again for another year and that New Zealand Counsellors are popular choices as International staff for many Camp Directors.

New Zealanders have heaps in common with the Americans. We have a similar lifestyle and culture, we speak English but most of all, there's our flexibility, adaptability, and friendly nature. We love to travel and explore the world and American kids (and adults) have a fascination with our accent which all adds up to being highly sought after by American camp directors and that's why we have an incredibly high placement rate.

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